How to Sell Your Lowell Home for up to 18% More Money

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 How to Sell Your Lowell Home for up to 18% More Money 

Thinking of Selling Your Lowell Home?

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Today’s home sellers want resources they can turn to and proven facts they can trust to ensure they are getting the most money for their home. — often the biggest financial transaction that you will make

This is why I’ve  devised a powerful modern multi channel marketing system for my clients and customers and have put together a few  proven steps that you can take in order to maximize the value of your Lowell house and give it a competitive EDGE! when you list your Lowell home for sale.Bottom Line:  A higher price in less time … and with fewer headaches.

1. Curb Appeal

Make sure your Lowell home makes a great first impression.
In my experience often overlooked in adding value to your Lowell home is curb appeal. The return on investment is huge when it comes to the smallest projects like painting the front door , adding new numbers , power washing and added some color with seasonal plants to the front porch or stairway.

Today’s buyers start the process online and the first picture of your Lowell house for sale will determine if they swipe next or continue for more information.

If they are interested online most home buyers will then do a drive by of the home to see first hand what type of condition the exterior of the home is in before even stepping foot inside the house.

2. De-clutter and depersonalize

The first thing to do is de-clutter and depersonalize according to industry experts de-cluttered and depersonalized homes can see a 3%-5% higher sales price.

Start packing it’s time to move!

Consider a small off site storage unit to temporarily store seasonal items.

Remove personal photo’s and replace with some art work.

3. Stage it

Staging you Lowell home does not have to be expensive.

A little sweat equity and a few hours can go a long way!

HomeGain statistics show that sellers who spend $500 on staging recover more than 343% of the cost when they sell their home.

Check out the first part of our series for some ideas.

How to Stage Your Lowell House to Show Like A Model

4. Warranty it

Adding a Home warranty as a buyer incentive can boost buyer confidence and peace of mind.

According to industry experts  homes with a  Home warranty can help you sell your home faster by an  average of 11 days  and for more money by an average of $2,341.00 more.

5. Inspect it

Consider having a Pre – Home inspection done on your Lowell home and make any repairs before they have to be negotiated during the transaction. By being pro-active you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs vs. home list price.

6. Price it strategically

Psychological pricing strategies  ~ When pricing your home you should look at the three closest comps that are active and price it slightly below the two highest and above the two lowest.

Price Point Strategy ~ most buyers set up their search’s in blocks of $25,000 you want to be in the price point just below your highest comp. ex. $299,900 instead of $310,000 at the price point of $299,900 you will hit buyers searches in both the over/under $300,000 price point.

The magic number 9 ~ research has shown that home prices that end in “9” rather than “0” sell for an average of $2175.00 more and 3% faster

7. Price it right from the start. 

Homes just listed for sale get the most buyer traffic, agent attention and offers in the first 2-4 weeks on the market with around the 10 -14 day mark being the sweet spot. The longer a house sits on the market the more buyers think that something is wrong with it . Once they start to think that something is wrong you loose your market leverage and start to attract buyers who are going o be looking for a discounted price

8. Maximum exposure

Traditional agents put the home in the MLS and  then sit back for other agents to let it be fed to there buyer database and syndicated to online portals then they wait for the buyer to let them know if they want to go see it or not .

We have developed a strategic digital marketing campaign that guarantees maximum exposure. All of our listings are put on a aggressive digital blast to get more buyers and higher search rankings on your Lowell home for sale.

This Lowell home for sale went under agreement in 7 days with our Sellers Edge campaign!

Often times traditional agents will ask me to market listings that have been on the market for a longer period of time for them.

9. Open House

Open House’s have become popular again . By holding a strategic open house and implementing an open house marketing campaign when the property first hits the market and when a price adjustment is made allows another chance at maximum  market exposure.

10. Choose the right Agent

While this may sound self-serving the peace of mind knowing that there’s an experienced advocate on your side who’s prepared to Market Your Lowell Home For All Its Worth!  in addition to saving you time and stress in the process … it’s  clear that using Chris Tryon  makes for an excellent return.

Brought to you by Chris Tryon ~ Tryon Real Estate Group ~ ERA Key Realt

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